Advantages Of Serviced Offices:

What are serviced offices?

A Serviced Office is an office space that is fully equipped and managed by the facility management company, which then rents individual offices, floors, co-working spaces, etc. to other companies. Serviced offices which are also referred to as managed offices, business centres, executive suite or executive centres are often in the business districts of large cities around the world.

Advantages of serviced offices:

For most companies renting office space is a huge expense. The standard contract for an office space will have you bound to 3 to 5 years, plus you have no lenient options to pay month by month or installments, etc. Moreover, you’ll also have the expenses of furnishing the office and buying expensive equipment to suit the requirements of your employees. However, if you can’t afford this, you always got another option, a fully serviced office. Here are just a few key points that brief out advantages of serviced offices.

Prestigious Business Address and Location

Generally boasting prime business locations in city with stylishly designed offices close to major transportation hubs, serviced offices allow your business card to resonate with impressive details, enhancing your professional reputation. It also makes the prospect of taking your future employees, suppliers or even the dreaded bank manager for a tour a whole lot easier. “If you want to run a successful business you will need determination, focus, and of course a prestigious business address”.

Cost Effective:

Renting premises is a huge expense. When hiring a traditional office space you can’t simply pay on a month-by-month basis, and then opt-out of the contract if business turns sour – you will usually be bound to a fixed term of 3-5 years. In addition you’ll have to purchase all of the necessary communications systems; furnish and decorate the interior; and establish your brand in the area. Serviced offices are often overlooked purely because their monthly rental fees seems higher; however, you must always look at the grand scheme of things before passing judgement. A serviced office is essentially a pay-as-you-use space, and they usually have plenty of benefits that make them a more than worthy investment.


Most businesses that rent serviced offices are looking for short-term lease agreements. Operators rent out serviced offices on a rolling basis, meaning that you will pay at the end of each month for the facilities that you’ve used. Because they have such small contract lengths, rental prices are often more expensive; however, the contracts will often come with far more services and facilities, and give your business more freedom if things don’t work out. This flexibility and speed to grow your office, oe even set up a new one with little fuss, this means you can test new market with little risk. If you think a new city might provide a new business stream, then you can quickly open an office to see if this is the case. If it doesn’t work, shutting down the office is just easy. When renting out a serviced office, you’ll be required to pay for the facilities that you use. For example if you have made use of a meeting room twice a month, you will pay for two such sessions.

Equipment and trained staff:

Hiring trained staff and purchasing equipment will require a substantial amount of money. You will not only have to pay extra wages, but you will also have to fork out money on equipment too. However when you prefer to rent out serviced office from Ascendris Business Centre, we will take care of all of it for you.

Plugin and Play:

When you are making a move to another office, setting up might take a considerable amount of time and manpower. But when moving to a serviced office, like Ascendris Business Centre,everything is already set up. This includes everything from desks, chairs along with other office equipment and communications systems (IT and Communication Infrastructure). So, in making the move to one of our offices, you can rest assured there will be absolutely no time wasted in setting up upon your move.


Spending time and money maintaining an office can be seen as an unnecessary expense. According to BSRIA, the average cost for maintenance is roughly £14 per square metre. In a serviced office this cost is included in the rental fee, allowing you to save time and money hiring janitors, cleaners and technicians to maintain the office space. Before you pay a deposit for a traditional office space, make sure you thoroughly weigh up the pros and cons of committing your business to a long-term agreement. You may find that a serviced office works out cheaper when you consider all of the overheads.


Serviced offices shouldn’t be thought of as a temporary space solution or as a way for small business to simply get started. They are useful for a multitude of purposes to all kind of businesses of all sizes. The low cost, great services and flexibility ensure that your business can grow, expand and flourish without the hassle of managing an office space or paying super-high rates for a great business address.

What Ascendris Business Centre Offers You?

• Fully equipped and furnished with ergonomic furniture, electricity, air-conditioning, highly advanced IT & communication infrastructure, post box services, maintenance, security, fax, Printer /Scanner /Photocopier along with a prestigious office address. • Just move-in, plug-in and start the same day with Zero lead time action. • Save up-to 40% of the cost compared to renting an independent office space, due to no capital expenditure. • Flexible terms and sizes. • State-of-the-art Meeting rooms with flexible sizes enhanced with Interactive Projector & Video conferencing facility. • Cafe overlooking Burj Khalifa offering dining facilities, serves beverages including freshly ground coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, Cardamom tea. • Elegant reception with experienced Client service executives for admin support and a dedicated Centre Manager to satisfy your business needs.

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