Things to Keep in Mind before Choosing an Office Space for Rent in Dubai

Establishing a company’s legitimate physical presence by renting an office space is an important business decision that needs to take into account multiple factors like longevity, mobility and accessibility. Setup process time and setup costs also play an important part in the decision making while choosing the right office space.

Why Rent than Buy Property in Dubai?

Office spaces in Dubai offer a dynamic environment to conduct business operations while securing a reliable brick and mortar presence in the region. They bring a turning point for the company to expand its financial assets and get recognized in the local market. The reason why majority businesses prefer renting offices than buying property in Dubai is that it reduces overhead costs and gives the business flexibility and mobility in the market. Serviced offices offer the perfect solution by offering fully furnished space equipped with the latest facilities that a new business requires to instantly start its operations at an affordable price.

Current Rental Market of Dubai

Despite the recent volatility in the global economy, Dubai’s real estate market has relatively remained unscathed. The office space leasing market has remained stable across both, the primary and secondary business markets with DIFC, Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City witnessing relatively high occupancy levels. A number of tenants are expected to be in the market looking for new office spaces as they reach the end of their lease agreements. This and other factors have led to a significant growth in occupancy levels in specialized office districts such as Business Bay. This growth is expected to sustain leading up to World Expo 2020 as Dubai continues to host entrepreneurs, investors, residents and visitors. While finalizing the office space to rent, multiple factors come into play, which have a direct impact on the business needs of any establishment. Some of these factors have been covered below.


Infrastructure includes all the fundamental facilities and systems in an office space involved in everyday operations and office tasks. Facilities such as a reliable internet connection maintained with up to date equipment are critical for day to day performance curve of the company. Other fundamentals include telephone services and postal address for the rented space. Most Business centers in Dubai offer tiered packages which include pre-installed facilities based on each tier. These facilities can range from customized desk space, personal Wi-Fi, kitchen access, common rooms, projectors, whiteboards, concierge, printing and locker space services.


Renting a place in a core commercial district can give clients and employees ease of access to transport links. The office space should ideally be accessible by both private and public transportation by being well connected to the major freeways and rail & bus networks in the city. Having an office space in a suitable location also influences the decision making of both potential clients and future employees

Traffic Patterns

Commercial zones are often subjected to traffic bottlenecks during rush hours. Businesses have to keep in mind the accessibility and physical connectivity of their office space to suit the needs of their clients and employees and should try to ensure that they do not face major traffic hassles due to the office location, which may affect business operations and productivity

Parking Facility

Among the main components that enhance accessibility in a good office location is the parking management setup in the office building. Office spaces that allow car parking and bike storage are more valued and are particularly convenient for a day to day work environment

Nearby Amenities

Office spaces in close proximity to everyday consumer services such as banks, restaurants, coffee shops, health clubs and meeting rooms in Dubai offer an additional advantage to both clients and employees. Business centers in Dubai keep the above & many other factors in mind while providing office spaces and meeting rooms for rent.

Get Help from an Expert

Searching for an ergonomically fit and financially suitable business space for rent in Dubai can pose numerous challenges for companies, especially new to the region. While commercial spaces are scattered all over the Dubai metropolis, getting help from a professional while choosing the right office space can have a major impact on the business in the long run. Ascendris Offers flexible rental options for its serviced office payable on daily, monthly and yearly basis. While it focuses on providing services from start-ups to large scale corporations, Ascendris also specializes in offering customized solutions based on the specific needs of the client in the most reasonable pricing. Businesses can avail Ready-to-Go furnished office spaces in Dubai with state of the art facilities and world class services.


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