How startups can cut costs with serviced offices in Dubai

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May 24, 2016
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June 9, 2016
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How startups can cut costs with serviced offices in Dubai


Dubai is the business center of Middle East. More startups are being registered in Dubai than any other emirate of UAE. A startup is mostly young fresh graduates with a brilliant idea and lots of energy but very little money to invest. For some time everything goes according to plan but then the costs keep getting higher and higher and ultimately everything shuts down as the liabilities start increasing.

Dubai is a business center, but a really expensive one. Dubai real estate has the highest growth rate in the region when it comes to rents and prices. A startup setting up operations in Dubai has to pay a lot of expenses to the government and then setting up a shop is too expensive in itself because most properties are offered unfurnished and the costs of fixtures and furniture will make a huge dent in your pocket.

In recent years serviced apartments and serviced offices in Dubai have gained attention. Serviced apartments are perfect for people who are going to live in the city for longer periods of time but don’t want to book expensive hotels. Serviced offices in Dubai have the same purpose as they are fully furnished and ready to move in, with no additional costs. There is absolutely no need of hiring an interior decorator for design and décor of your office and no need to buy additional furniture or fixtures. Just put your company logo on the door and ask employees to sit in their designated spots. Gone are the days when only big firms had the privilege of having an expensive office in the high rise business centers of Dubai.

Fully furnished serviced offices in Dubai are not just popular among startups. Established businesses and multinationals that are interested in establishing offices in Dubai are also benefiting from the serviced office industry. Serviced offices allow businesses flexibility to move anywhere without any trouble. This industry offers its clients flexible contracts that suits their needs for any period of time. Everyone wants to greet their clients in an impressive building with a great view. The basic principle of the serviced office industry is that clients pay for what they need and when they need it. If your business does not require a meeting room, scratch it of your needs list because you don’t need to pay for it.

When it comes to Dubai, there are two locations that every startup wishes to establish office. The Business Bay and DIFC. Both of these developments are around the Downtown Dubai area where the iconic BurjKhalifah stands tall. Ascendris Business Center is a provider of high end serviced offices in Dubaiat prime location of Business Bay. Services range from serviced offices, virtual offices to high end meeting rooms on flexible terms and rates along with complete sets of services. Walk in, plug in and launch your business in the heart of Dubai. It’s that simple.

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