Serviced Offices in Dubai: A flexible alternative to conventional office spaces

Serviced Offices Dubai – Business Made Simple with Rent Office
May 24, 2016
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Serviced Offices in Dubai: A flexible alternative to conventional office spaces

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Serviced Offices in Dubai

Office spaces have always been an expense that everyone wants to reduce. But having a professional setting for you to conduct your business is equally important. This makes it hard on businesses who have to manage their expenses with a monthly rent dangling over their heads.


In some cases, things become excruciatingly hard as when the time comes to opt out of the contract, business owners still have to pay for the remaining months on the fixed term contract.


Office space in Dubai remain one of the biggest hurdles for new and existing businesses. For business owners, startups and entrepreneurs serviced offices in Dubai offer a reliable and affordable solution.


A shared workspace where anyone can start their office by just plugging in their devices is like a dream come true. All you have to do is pay the rent for it. This makes a serviced office in Dubai a dream come true for many.

Benefits of Serviced Offices in Dubai:

A flexible and cost effective alternative to conventional office spaces, a serviced office in Dubai comes with numerous benefits for those opting for it. Often overlooked for various reasons, here are the foremost things to consider when it comes to serviced offices.


Probably among the many benefits one can enjoy with serviced offices in Dubai, flexibility takes the cake. Those that have worked in rented office spaces know the pain of tough contracts. Not only are they bound by it but in fact when they opt out of it they have to keep paying the rent for a fixed term.


With serviced office spaces you don’t have to worry as they offer flexible terms. You can even start renting the space if you need it only for one month!


This means that you can rent out office space in Dubai on a rolling basis. You can stop paying when you don’t need to rent it anymore!

No hassles involved!

When you are moving to a new location there are numerous hassles involved. From packing up things, disconnecting utilities etc. Imagine when you don’t have to do anything.


Imagine that all you have to do is get up, go to another address, plug in and you are good to go.  This is exactly what a serviced office offers in Dubai! If you are looking for an office space for rent in Dubai, you only need to pay the rent and you can get a professional, well-furnished office with all the modern amenities likes internet, video conferencing and much more. All you have to do is come in and plug in.

Maintenance is not your headache!

A clean office is important. It reflects your values and commitment to business. Visitors that include customers and even people coming in for an interview will be noticing how awesome your office is.


But cleaning and maintenance takes effort and time. With serviced offices you simply don’t have to worry. Everything is taken care of by support staff. Every day you can return to an office that is glistening clean!

Reception services to welcome visitors:

Nothing makes your business professional like a great reception. Welcomed by a crisp reception desk allows you to impress your customers and create a professional outlook.


Reception staff take your calls, help in sorting out your mails and help greet your visitors. With a serviced office you can easily maintain a professional business image without even hiring someone to hold the front desk.

Technology powered for modern businesses:

Technology is now integrated with every business process. For a successful day at the office, you need complete IT infrastructure on which you can rely on. This includes a great internet connection, complete telecommunication network and also peripheral devices like scanners, printers and photocopiers. Businesses are now communicating through video conferencing so ideally your office should also have equipment for it.


By opting for serviced offices you can get it all.  Not only do you get a modern working space that comes with all the modern amenities but in fact you can use high spec meeting rooms that have excellent video conferencing facilities.

Test markets before going big:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you started your business after actually testing the market? With serviced offices you can actually do it. Serviced offices can be taken over for a limited time period. This means that before you actually invest heavily, you can start off by running your business from a serviced office.


You can carry out spilt testing and easily find out whether your ideas will work in a market or not. This helps you especially when it comes to saving your money from being wasted in a failed attempt.  Make decisions on proper measured results and not just on chance.


A serviced office is the best thing that you can do for your business in Dubai! With so many benefits you need to consider serviced offices in Dubai. Finest locations within Dubai and at affordable rates makes this option best for every business.


If you are interested in knowing more about serviced offices you should definitely get in touch with us. Click the button below or leave a message in the comment section.


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