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Telephone answering services

With the best telephone answering service, we have stepped into the market to help you deal with the callers anytime. We know that you are busy in the big tasks of your business and have no time to attend the phone calls from your clients who can contact you anytime. With us, you will be hassle-free when a client calls you and you are out of your place or are not ready to talk to him, the call will be directed to us without being notified by the caller. We will attend your call and our receptionist will deal with your caller as if your company is dealing with him. After greeting and welcome to the caller, that call will either be routed to you or any other colleagues or we will send the message to you in text form or email. Our call answering services are 24/7. Operating from Dubai, we are working with all time zones and our staff is ready to serve you according to your time zone. Our well-trained and sophisticated agents are ready to attend your call from anywhere and route it you as you want.

Cost effective

Our call answering service is cost effective and you will get more value than you pay to us. We have a good name and fame as proven and authentic call service provider at reasonable rates. Our services are pay as you go and you do not have to pay any monthly dues or any other setup.

What we offer you

  • 365 days 24/7 operating services
  • Providing credibility to your business with our local number in Dubai if you want it locally
  • Managing and routing of calls in Dubai
  • Our trained staff member will use your company name to answer calls from your customers
  • Staff with several languages to attend any call in other languages
  • Freedom of choosing the call packages of your choice
  • Easy connectivity of the incoming calls
  • Quick availability of our telephone answering within fifteen minutes
  • Our staff keeps the record of question you may want us to ask the callers based on your business needs
  • Accuracy of the number, name, company, location and messages from the caller
  • Prompt routing of message of the caller through email or text as you prefer

Simple and easy to understand process

Our telephone answering business solution is a simple process and you can get it within minutes. Only you will have to order it online and our experts will instantly activate the setup wizard for and that is it. You will be enjoying your own telephone answering service and our receptionists will be attending your calls when you are not free to talk with your clients. After you place your order, our staff will make a call to you to confirm your order. After you confirm, you will get it as you desire it to be.

Multiple call plans

We do not believe in one formula fitting all. Therefore, we have different call plans and you can choose any one according to your specific needs.

We tailor your call plan

Every business has different requirements. So we customize your plan as your businesses vary.

Get your account customized

Once after our staff has activated the wizard, you can customize it from your perspective and guide us how to handle and forward your calls. Telephone answering services by our company are preferred by our clients because we are quick in our services and provide an easy access to your calls to you no matter wherever you are. Keep seated in an armchair and relax. If you are away from your business premises or are busy, we will be handling your callers from Dubai or abroad and you will miss any call only because you were unable to receive it. Do not worry about your callers. Our professional staff will be working for you and helping you access the callers on your email or text.

How we work

Our telephone answer service for business is an easy way to handle your callers who can call you when you are busy in a meeting or are outside. You can get these services in a simple way. Contact us and share your business requirements with us and select any plan out of our list. We are available on live chat as well and you can get your custom plan on live chat with our expert if you feel that your business needs more than ordinary services.

Activation of services

Call answering service in Dubai has three steps of setups:

1. Deciding your plan

You select the most suitable plan according to your business and place your order. After that, you will select your toll-free number for the callers who will contact you from thousands of other cities nationwide. You can go for additional contact numbers if you sign up for paid membership. These numbers are helpful if you are involved in direct and indirect marketing and want your unique marketing campaigns to be tracked. Then you go to placing your order.

2. Setting up wizard online

After our experts receive your order, they will call you up to confirm your order and then will send you an email informing you about the activation of the setup wizard. You will be asked to select how you will prefer to receive your calls and then we will be ready to take your calls while you are doing other important and big tasks in your company.

3. Taking your calls

Now we will be taking your calls leaving you free of any hassle. Telephone answer service for business will make your business a step ahead and it can lead to increased ROI of your company. Increased number of calls and every call timely attended by our expert receptionists will lead to more customers and happy customers mean more sales. We can publish your number or you may ask us to forward your number to the caller. It is up to you. We are here for you with no holidays. Yes, 24/7, 365 days.

Changes in your account

Our call answering service is now with you and we are answering your business calls. You can ask us to make changes if you want any in your account. We can make these changes in the online management dashboard and can give you an access to the dashboard to make any change if you need. You can update any information like forwarding contact numbers, the script of your response, account information, call reports and everything you want to check and update. Your call center service will be easily accessible to you to manage online from anywhere. If your call needs changes, your plan will also change and it will need to be updated and you will be able to handle your calls with the iOS app. Our experts will help you if you want to configure your account anytime and our live chat will be there to help you out and we will also upload video guides to make it easy for you.

Control through dashboard

It is a hard task to update your account every time when you hire a new employee or you want to make any other change. It is really hectic to wait for hours to get the account updated. With our telephone answering service, you will not have to wait for this change. Our dashboard keeps all information stored and controlled and it will facilitate you to change your script or addition of any employee. Our dashboard makes your experience simple and easy as you will easily monitor the changes you made to your account and monitor the call schedules, payment records, billings, and messages from your clients. Our telephone answer service for business will always be there for you if you want to get configuring. Our expert team is here to serve you with our live chat and videos to guide you with practical demonstration. The dashboard is easy to use and you need not be an online expert to use it. Only follow the instruction in our video and you will get it.

Getting call records

We are not only providing you call answering service to promote your business but we also keep the records of all incoming calls from your customers and their data including name, company name, date, time of the call, duration, how the call was handled, who attended the call, and location of the company. So you can ask us anytime for any record whatever and whenever you need. We will sort any record for you. We will export CDR into a CSV file so that you can easily read it and we will import it to your CRM. You will definitely find our telephone answering services super active.

Messages’ record

We also keep a record of the messages your clients sent to us and we forwarded them to you. All message record is available for you to view, sort, and listen again anytime. You can also take all the messages our agents received for you and exported them to you for deep analysis. All accounts we have in our company include fax number or voicemail free for you where you can see your faxes online or check your voice mails.

We control your calls

Our call answering service in Dubai is reliable for you small and large business and you can trust us for keeping the complete record of incoming calls from:

1.      Existing customers of your company

2.      New potential clients

3.      Urgent customers who need your one time services

For every situation, we have experts to individually focus your requirements including:

  • Alteration in services
  • Billing issues
  • Cancelation of services
  • Urgent calls
  • Icon-billings
  • Making payments
  • View statements from the clients
  • View your plan and any changes you have made
  • Any change in your payments setting or plan
  • Termination of your account if you no longer need our services

Wizard setup

Our telephone answer service for your business facilitates you with a quick update of your account where you will get a fax number separately dedicated to you and it will send you the fax messages sent by your clients through the online dashboard.

We make your business easier

You do not need to be present at your business place all the time. We are answering your calls and transferring them to you or other concerned staff to timely address the message and reply it as needed. We provide you complete control of the call center service to make it compatible with your particular business needs. We save your time and help you focus big tasks in your company. Our call answering service will keep you informed when you are away from the business.

Innovative features

We are not telephone answering service providers but firmly believe in constant change and betterment in our service. That is why; we keep ourselves updated and look for new and innovative features in our automated answering and technology of mobiles. We take feedback from our customers and improve our services in the light of your opinions and advice.

Why us?

We are the best telephone answering service in Dubai because we are expert in telephone answering systems and technology.

Professional attitude

Our professionals are highly trained to handle any situation and address any issue in the installation and handling stage. Our team of experts strongly believes in “I can do it” attitude that leads to our consistent excellence and successful record. We take every client as VIP and attend it with our maximum efforts and take it to the highest level of satisfaction. From the first step to the last, we prove that we are professionals. That is why; we have a long list of happy customers around the world.


We are a dedicated team of experts who are passionate to serve you. We know that we are not here only as a telephone answer service for your business, we go beyond it. We work in a team and jointly work to provide you with the best calling services for your business. Therefore, we hire only those who are expert and skilled in the field. We make them go through tests, simulations, as well as interviews before hiring them.

Training of our staff

After hiring, we provide real-time training to our team members where they learn how to answer calls of the clients professionally and how to transfer your calls to the relevant people in the company through text or email.

Continuous learning

Our virtual office telephone answering system is fantastic as we believe in constant staff development and learning. To make our staff up to mark, we conduct development sessions for dissatisfied callers, customer service, typing skills, and phone protocol sessions.

High quality

Our telephone answer service for business is of high quality at competitive price and you will get fantastic services anytime. Contact us anytime you need. We are the best telephone answer service provider operating from Dubai as well as from across the world. We are waiting for your call.